When designing an interior, the first thing that is the primary requirement of any client is to make them as warm, comfortable, and hospitable as possible, be it a commercial or domestic interior. Among the different materials used in interior design, the one that sets apart from the rest is wood. The types of wood and wood-like materials used in the interior design add to the uniqueness of the aesthetics.

Owing to durability, strength, versatility, and adaptability, different kind of woods in interior design holds a special place in the choices for interior design materials.

Also, bringing the touch of wood into the interior design doesn’t necessarily mean using it everywhere. Using wood for places such as dividers, floorings, panels, etc., brings the beauty and aesthetics of wood to the interiors.

The Different Kind of Woods in the Interior Design used are as follows:

1) Solid Wood

Using Solid Wood in the interior design offers steadfastness and durability because every part is of wood. It adds elegance to the interiors and can be used as a furniture piece or flooring. The hard solid wood floor is less receptive to scratches and is a treat to the eyes. Though it’s a little on the expensive side, its durability and uniqueness make it a popular choice for the one looking to add the warmth of luxury to the interiors.

2) Engineered Wood

Engineered wood provides a durable, sustainable material looking like wood. It’s manufactured from fragmented wooden fibers, chemicals, woodchips, etc., using adhesives, which can then be cut like wood and used in interiors as required.

3) Bamboo

Given bamboo’s strength, versatility, and uniqueness, yet lightweight and durable, it brings freshness to interior spaces. It’s used in various places in interiors as decor, furniture, or even as flooring. Bamboo flooring is achieved by driving it under high pressure. Also, using bamboo for the interiors has many advantages like moisture resistance, sustainability, and durability. Furthermore, it is environment-friendly and pocket friendly, as well, compared to other woods like solid woods.

4) Cork

Cork has the timeless looks of the seemingly wood and fits well with the décor. One of its best qualities is that it is antibacterial, thus long-lasting, and it’s best for people with a history of allergies. Cork can be used in multiple places in the interiors, from flooring to furniture to wall-coverings, etc.
Also, the cork is fire-resistant and waterproof, making it a perfect fit for bathrooms and kitchens. The flexibility and wide usability make it a popular material used in interior design.

To Conclude:

Wood or wood-like material brings a different vibe to the interior design of the spaces. The client chooses the kind of wood or wood-like material as per their preference. It lightens up the interiors adding elegance and enhancing its beauty.