wall cladding

Does your home or office structure lack strength? No need to worry, as the Design Desk’s wall cladding services are here for the rescue! We offer best-in-class workmanship, bedecked by budget-friendly solutions. From sourcing the sturdiest materials to assembling them into inventive masterpieces for your space, we facilitate everything at your convenience. 

Versatile Wall Cladding Solutions

Whether you want to enhance the structural resiliency of your space or need some aesthetically beautiful modifications, we have broad-ranging wall cladding options. We use varied materials for durable and customizable cladding to reinforce the mechanical strength of walls. 

At Design Desk, you can choose between diversified cladding types like natural stone, vinyl, aluminum, wood, brick, fiber cement, stainless steel, weatherboard, ceramic, glass, and external foam cladding. 

One-time Investment with Sizable Benefits

Since making your dream abode is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, cladding is a worthwhile investment. It offers substantial benefits from boosting the thermal insulation to the prevention of cracks and protection against chemical contamination and sunlight to condensed water absorption. As a result, the walls of your space would stay anew for many years to come!

Value for Money Services

With many years of experience and an ever-expanding team, Design Desk Interiors provides top-notch cladding services for your project. We are experts in luxe cladding designs; our dedication to quality is unmatched, and our pricing is always competitive. 

A Thoughtful Makeover for Your Walls 

Our design specialists pay special attention to detail to create appealing wall cladding in innovative patterns and colors. We offer a wide range of cladding textures and styles you can customize to your preferences. They are meant to fit in with the idea of the space’ design and theme, to create a facade that is uniquely yours.

Save Time and Money

Wall claddings by Design Desk are quick, easy, and affordable. No need to worry about spending hours renovating walls or doing DIY projects. Let us take over the chaotic tasks while you relax!